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Friday, July 8, 2011

Gluten-Free Rice Krispies Redux

Breakfast time around here is pretty basic. Most mornings, it's Udi's or Schar bread (two really good GF breads- the Udi's being a bit more like a flaky French bread. You will find it in the freezer of the GF section-sometimes.) with Nutella spread thick, (Although I used to be of the opinion that Nutella on bread is ridiculous, just grab a spoon, let it solidify for a little bit by chilling, and voila, a Spoon-cicle!) on the toast's surface, with coffee or tea depending on my mood.

I made a pact: I will eat a balanced breakfast. Not just GF toast. I will actually buy cereal more often- and not just stick with what is safe and blandly sweet. More than toast? We'll see if I stick with it. I've broken it more than I care to.

For a bit, I used a kids' cereal out of the GF section, which I nicknamed Koala Krispies- all that's missing is eucalyptus. It's literally Enviro-Kidz Koala Crisps... (Ick I hate that bit of misspelling, I can't figure out why, then, I am not a designer or a copy-writer, and maybe it's the grammar nazi in me)...then did a long time with rice Chex--- I am the only one I know who eats those unadulterated with excess sugar.

Kellogg's, of the "Whole wheat is good for body and soul" persuasion (Kellogg's, like Welch's, used to be a very strictly religious company. By religious, I'm talking of the "Great Disappointment" of 1844 and of "Non-Alcoholic Communion Wine"- shortened to grape juice and simply sold as a beverage.) finally came out with a gluten-free Rice Krispy. Once I find a pack of marshmallows where each is not as large as both of my hands together, I am going to be making treats up the wazoo. The difference is that regular Rice Krispies are made with a bit of barley malt flavoring.The GF Krispies are actually cheaper- normally the same price, but two boxes can be had right now for $5.00 (You save 1.58 according to receipts)-made with brown, not white (refined) rice, and are not relegated to the aisle where, any moment, you may spy a John Lennon-lookalike dying for vegan cheese. It's right out there, saying loudly "I am here, and I am gluten-free. OOH-Rah!" Well, ok, it's not saying anything, if you're going to be literal.

Of course, the Koala Krispies had a message for Kellogg's. I kid you not. (And yes, I have a box of those and two of the GF Krispies. Snap Crackle Pop has never sounded so lovely or been so tempting!) There's a little banner that reads: "We've ALWAYS been proudly gluten-free". Before, it simply read, "Gluten-free."

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