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Monday, July 25, 2011

My Day Of Being Alexander

Relaxing does need to be done, but, sadly can't be done yet.
So far I've:
-Pushed paperwork like a loony bird
-Went to go collect death certificates at city hall, saying hi to a bust of Teddy Roosevelt out of pure habit (it was right there and at that point, I was greeting anything within eyeline)- which means of course, that I amused Mom on the way out saying goodbye to to "Teddy".
-Felt like I had to stand at parade rest in an automatic habit
-Exchanged "sweeties" with a nice gay man selling hotdogs (How did I know he was gay? No straight man generally automatically calls people sweetie and asks them if they're tired-not on a busy city street)
-Got mistaken for a 19 year old by a nice guy I accidentally locked eyes with
-Dropped half my lunch on the street near City Hall and nearly cried because I was tired and my sugar was running low. As I don't like eating whatever's been on the ground in Buffalo, I picked it up and sadly tossed it out.
-made more appointments to go back tomorrow. It's humid, and my pelvis and rib are screaming bloody murder.
Right now, I can use a nap...and a good long cry--- at this point it's getting alarmingly easy, and I don't cry on the whole as I tend to end up looking like a Muppet on acid, and that's so not cool!

But hey, it was all done by 1:00 and I do have to do the same crap tomorrow, but--- I thank my lucky stars. Still... NOT ENOUGH PAINKILLERS IN THE WORLD. Well, time to eat...

Oh, and I may have made a decision regarding major---it's so automatic and such a part of my life, hate it or not, knowing exactly what I'm eating, down to the ingredients and chemicals most can care less about- I might as well look into nutrition. Help for me, and help for those I want to help.

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