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Monday, July 25, 2011

Rainbow Pride, Hot Dogs and Laughter

The best way to deal with darkness is to laugh at it. I mean, just mock it for all its' worth--- in dry, gallows humor, or in pure vaudevillean sillyness. Sure, I gave what was meant to be a sarcastic highlights reel. But... here goes...

From 7:00 AM on, I waited in line, pushed paperwork again, and dealt with a few oopsy-slip-ups.
By 10, I'd been pushed to the point of tears at least once, but I am the push it back type.
At 12, I had to go to yet another building, on the way to City Hall, to start the process on something, and quickly bought lunch- a beef hot dog I had to ask an incredulous hotdog seller to give me without the bun. He was polite, said "Ok, thweetie" and done deal. But... not only was it a desperate, "I'm buying something bad (They'd plumped it with cereal- probably a good thing that the person with me got a bite while I managed to drop it onto Niagara Street) to avoid something worse-a starvation-induced sugar shock-buy" but damn it, I dropped my goddamn lunch and literally cried from frustration. The seller was kind "It's OK, thweetie" and gave me a hug, which, as he was a stranger, and one that smelled like hotdogs and bad cologne, scared me into sniffling and jumping. Oh, I mock it, and me, now. He was nothing but kind, but lordy me... that just added a lovely "To Wong Fu: Thanks For Everything, Love, Julie Newmar" twist. And tomorrow, lordy me, it starts all over again. Time to do something fabulous... no puns intended.

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