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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dear Champ

Dear Champ,
It's almost been a year now.
I've picked up the phone about a thousand times intending to ask you over for coffee. But I'm getting better.

We can use a bit more peace down here, champ... you were the sunny influence who tried to keep people together. Sometimes, I admit... it hurts seeing everyone falling apart. Actually, to be honest, it hurts... but I know you taught us all to love and try to bring people together. I listened.

There's been a lot of pain and irritation, but I can sense you.

I know you're up there with your coffee (and it had better be perked the old fashioned way, drip coffee was not a favorite for you) and watching out some window like you always did, or crocheting again. While watching the Young & the Restless, no doubt.

You're still loved and missed. But I'm glad you're out of pain. Love you. Always.

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