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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Granny's Liver Convention Section A: Rights & Responsibilities

I received a challenge, and well, I've never been good at turning a challenge down. So, accepted & answered...and hopefully I can use this task to check my oil as it were, and see where my priorities are, which is usually what I use challenge games to do anyway. I am compulsive when it comes to that- I need to work my brain!

So Ron... you're on!

"Let’s have some fun with letters, but not just any old letters, this is about YOU. I took this from my old MySpace blog, from a couple of years ago. Before that, I had played it on one of my friend’s blogs on Live Journal. If you want to play, ask for a letter. I will select for you a letter, and then you will respond with 10 things that have special meaning in your life that start with that letter. They can be favorite movies, your kid's name, a hobby, a philosophy, something you're interested in; anything, as long as it is something meaningful or interesting to you.

Of course, I don't intend for you to simply name something that starts with that letter, but also tell me what it means to you, or why you like it or find interest in it.

You can't choose your own letter.
You don’t have to play, but if you ask for a letter, you must, in return, play!
Are you ready? Let the Letter Game begin!"
 Ask, and I'll randomly grab a letter. I'll be nice and stick with the 26 letter English alphabet!

I received the letter L:  

so, here goes!

  • 1-Lorelei: my very first love :) Always, baby, always. Come what may.
  • 2-Learning: If we quit wanting to know what we can, quit looking deeper, not just letting people tell us what to think and believe, we will wither and die. Ask what the Pope wears under his robes. Ask why. Never give up asking "Why?" We will never know how the world works exactly, but we cannot allow ourselves to become so jaded we give up our curiosity.
  • 3-Loving: Love those you love no matter what- you don't have to accept everything, no one can, but try to love humanity for the imperfect species it is, and because in spite of it all, damn it, there are still good people out there, and the whole is not tarnished by the few bad apples. Keep a few close, but be kind to all. And love yourself and accept your own limitations, too!
  • 4-Limits: Know and express what you can and cannot handle, so you don't finally break and scare yourself and others when you finally reach those limits. (Don't be like me and bite your tongue only to snap "I can't take it anymore!")
  • 5-Letting Go: It's painful sometimes, but it can be a life/ sanity saver. Sometimes, you have to struggle and cry a bit, and let go of something that doesn't feel right or hurts your psyche/heart , so you can heal and be free to accept good things. 
  • 6-Liabilities: Above all, you are liable and responsible...for your actions, and to yourself, ABOVE ALL. You will have to deal with yourself, when all is said and done, and answer to yourself.
  • 7-Living: You can exist: breathe the air, feed your belly and never enjoy or feel anything. Sure, you'd be existing, but you have not lived until you've tasted something because it was good, not just because it was healthy, or did something that might be terrifying but that you ended up enjoying.
  • 8-Longing: Don't spend time in an ivory tower---don't just let down your hair and sing "Rescue Me!" But instead, look forward to the future, we can all have a good one; and work towards that. Don't accept ruts and downward slopes, seek to rise above them. And do something about it!
  • 9-Liver: I don't care how persuasive your loving granny is. If you don't like it, or just can't tolerate it, don't eat it. Learn to say "NO!". This applies to any food, or any situation, really. I dub this, the "Granny's Liver Rule."
  • 10-Life Preservation: Be there for others, BUT: Do not allow yourself to sacrifice yourself for something you know in your heart is wrong. And while you must think for yourself, if you can see someone flying dangerously close to the flame, do not let yourself get injured, but try to head them off. Ultimately, they must be responsible to and for themselves, as must you--- BUT... if you know that someone is hurting, human decency says that you try to alleviate that pain, not make it worse.

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