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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WBC: Redux

The Westboro "Baptist" Church has a habit of consigning recently dead people to hell...the problem is, their very own text warns against judgment... "Judge not, lest ye also be judged, for with what judgment ye judge, and with what measure ye mete it shall be measured to ye again"- Matthew 7:1-2 KJV.
In other words, put away your scales: you too can be weighed, measured and found wanting.

The judgment of souls is not up to mere humans... the commandment is "love one another" not "Judge one another".

Let's look at the WBC, shall we?
Uses the freedom of speech allowed in a country they hate, to spread hate propoganda
Former civil rights attorney thinks it 's all ok, unless someone disagrees with him
Basically a weekly gathering by one insane and hate-darkened family
Protests military funerals and aids in grief of parents who have to do what is unnatural and bury their children.
Goes against their own bible and uses judgment to shock, frighten and awe
Yes, they themselves act as terrorists, with horrible, inflaming signs and words, designed to create hurt and terror. What makes them better than babbling, insane false prophets in filthy potato sack, shouting "The end is nigh! The great dragon comes in the night! What you know is false!" (Street bum I saw once in Brooklyn.) How, WBC, does it glorify God to hate, to cause grief, to terrify? "Comfort widows and orphans". vs. "God hates you! Your loved one is in hell because he supported a country/ once had children after the death of another and in death leaves them motherless/ fatherless"- death of Elizabeth Edwards. (Her bio from WBC included that bit as her horrific sin).
Let us simply say, WBC: God never says: "Preach the gospel of hate, of fear, and mercilessly attack the grieving in order to shock and awe." NEVER! But, a false prophet on the other hand...
You will know a false prophet by their fruits. The WBC does not bear any good fruit.
"Can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit, or a good tree bring forth corrupt fruit?" Let's ponder that. And if there are people like this in this world, then let us strive to be good, and to give love, not in the name of religion... (Don't do anything in the name of religion!) but because you truly want to be.

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