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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let's Mambo! I Can't Mambo! Discovering Sean Forbes

While my taste in music is all across the board- there is no pinning down my musical tastes, "Alternative" might cover it- I'm not usually fond of rap.

But I saw this video...pure silly joy, bringing back the images our parents might have known, and top of it, a deaf rapper. Who is rather adorable in that geeky way. Sean Forbes showed a sense of humor and sillyness, and I really liked "Let's Mambo!" 
It's a true gift to the deaf/ HI/ HOH community. And like most performances of ASL, you can't help but have your emotions shine through. Marlee Matlin is awesome, as well... and damn can that girl dance!

Sean Forbes is a deaf rapper from "The Land of Lincoln"- Illinois- to show Abraham Lincoln, make your hand into an L and hold it to the side of your head (Not the front!) and up a little high to show a top hat, one of Lincoln's trademarks. 
Recently, Forbes signed a music deal and is marvelous... check him out! :)
And he pulls off the white suit, I must say!

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