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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brown Rice Rice Krispies (Gluten-Free)

There are things you would think would be automatically gluten free. Cereal companies are doing their best to have a standard line of GF products... General Mills would seem to be the leader here.

Cheerios, I haven't had since 2009. But it's oats, and one would think that, barring cross contamination, those would be gluten free, right? Wrong. They're contaminated by the old scourge, wheat flour used! Luckily Nature's Path makes a pretty good, if not perfect, Cheerios-type cereal.

Rice Krispies will be back on the good list soon...the company is actually changing up, will taste the same, but will be gluten-free! & made with brown rice, very healthy!  (Woot! I know what I'm making! :) If they don't get eaten straight from the pan, that is---yes, rice krispy treats!) Gluten Free, Brown Rice Rice Krispies
Thank you, Kelloggs!

There is still a concerted effort for standardized labeling, which the FDA has been sitting on since 2007, but assured celiacs and gluten intolerant people at a 1in133 summit (Perhaps entranced by the over 11 foot tall cake) that they were uh "Working on it". Great. I love doing guess work and novenas at the grocery store! So far, we've learned of ELISA tests, parts per million, the Church's stance (Church with a Capital C is none other than the Roman Catholic Church.) which does not bode well--- no body of Christ at Mass, blood (wine) only, as there must be .01% gluten in wafers...Benedictine nuns sell a low-gluten version.
So until the day comes when they finally get it sorted and actually do standardized labeling, the fight will be on. This is the only type of fight I like, for what's right, for what should be obvious, and there is a sweet little boy out there who thanks his lucky stars he can have rice dream! Let's get moving people!
Tell The FDA the time for standardized labeling is NOW!

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