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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Thrifty and Dirty 30- What NOT To Do

The Frisky occasionally does articles that follow the Glamour/ Cosmo format, "30 things a woman should do before 30" and "30 things a woman should not do before 30* or after 30, either".
The "Thou Shalt Nots irritated the living hell out of me. So... since there was only one bit of good advice in the thou shalt nots, I suppose I should try my hand at a list.
For the original, click: 30 Things A Woman Should NOT Try Before She's 30
Now, to be honest, I'm a voice of been there done that, got the t-shirt
ok, maybe not THIS t-shirt, but you get the idea!

So, another Dirty Thirty:

Thirty Things NOT to try before turning 30 (Or any other time)
1)Staying with a man after he hits you
2)Letting anyone tell you how you should think, or how you should act
3)Not knowing how to say no
4)Ordering a meal in a restaurant twice and not making the waitstaff understand "I like this place. I like this food, but I need it a certain way, and in return, I will give you my green money for your time, help and patience." POLITELY. I can't stress that enough.
5)Not knowing how to communicate so you get misunderstood 
6)Second-guessing yourself
7)Being undiplomatic. There's a way to say "There is an issue"... in being vague and speaking in anger, you end up confusing people and finding new reasons to smack your head against the wall.
8)Anything that you know in your heart and gut, makes you feel uncomfortable or like less of a human.
9)Hurting anyone as you've been hurt
10)Not forgiving yourself for your mistakes and like any human, those are to be found at any moment
11)Not focusing on the future, and letting anger about the past live on in you, ruining any beauty for you
12)Sacrificing yourself so people won't get mad at you\
13)Letting someone lie to you because you want to believe
14)Sacrificing yourself until you get sick because of it
15)Judging others in order to feel better about yourself
16)Not standing up for yourself, your beliefs, and your life itself
17)Focusing on people who are not worthy of you, and forgetting those who care
18)Believing lies about others to make you feel better
19)Holding your tongue when you're scared and uncomfortable just to be polite
20)Not taking good care of yourself, medically, emotionally, physically
21)Not knowing when the time for politeness ends and the time to be upfront is at hand
22)Not cherishing and treating yourself occasionally
23)Allowing anything toxic into your life
24)Being so sure of your own correctness, you refuse to see any other side to the issue at hand
25)Knowing you're right, so any proofs to the contrary piss you off
26)Judging different beliefs off hand as "You're bad, you're wrong, you're stupid". Learn from the differences
27)Letting anyone tell you how to think. Learn from differences but...
28)Don't ever let an open mind keep you from being true to you
29)Not knowing when it's time to pack up and go
30)Not loving you for the marvelous person you are


  1. YES! Especially to #'s 3, 7, 12, & 13... young women make these mistakes all the time. They figure it out later on though.

  2. For the longest time, people would joke that I couldn't say "No". "Here, here's my two-year old, he'll teach you!" :) I figured, if I am going to grow, then I had better also practice what I preach. We are always a work in progress. :-)I'm not finished, yet, but I like how I'm turning out!