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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Butterflies For Amnesty International

In Nicaragua, young women who conceive via rape have no choice but to have their rapists' babies. Womens' rights are very, very stilted.
In 2008, Nicaragua made all forms of abortion, even that in case of rape, illegal, forcing those who find having the offspring of their rapists unbearable, to have them anyway.

From Amnesty International:
In Nicaragua, girls and young women are at greatest risk of rape and sexual violence. Almost half of all rapes reported between 1998 and 2008 involved girls aged 14 or under.
For some women and girls made pregnant by rape, the idea of giving birth is unbearable. But since 2008, when Nicaragua made all forms of abortion in all circumstances a crime, they have had little choice.
Women and girls in Nicaragua are demanding the repeal of the total abortion ban. They are calling for their right to be free from sexual violence and for support for survivors of violence to put their lives back on track.
The Nicaraguan government must act to put an end to this human rights emergency.

I am generally, pro-life, however, in cases of rape and incest, I will strongly state that there must be a choice, not more victimization.

So I stand with Amnesty International, and indeed, perform my slactivism, as well as supporting other tasks (though not all) that Amnesty International does.
So I send my little butterfly out into the world, for young women in Nicaragua who have no choice.
Thank you, to Copyranter for pointing it out. WARNING: He oozes with sarcasm, and well, he hates everything.
To create your own butterfly, go to:
Amnesty International-Defending Women's and Girls' Rights In Nicaragua
And if you can, try to do more than slactivism to help set beautiful, injured butterflies free, all over the world.

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