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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, 2011

A very Happy Father's Day
To the men who stay, who try like hell through all kinds of craziness... to those with human babies, to those with little fuzzballs who meow or bark to get their attention.

I don't celebrate it much, haven't since 1995, but here's a special Father's Day gift, from me, to you.

And Dad, happy Father's Day, thanks for 12 years of love, patience and fighting for me...and making me learn to write, read, and tell time, and tie my shoes, with your own brand of teaching, acquired at camps for the disabled and in the Franciscan priesthood. I raise a glass of wine in your honor. Love you, miss you.
Christmas 1983, the only pic I have digitalized thus far. (Trying on the pic of him in monk's robes, which, with his bald spot, gave him a look reminiscent of Francis, and gave the nickname, the Capuchin Monk when he wore gray)  Yes, yes, that is me in a funny hat. He always yelled at me to wear one, so when I did and do, I like to wear one jauntily. This is the man who taught me to be a happy goofball. Even when sick, and in pain from numerous diabetic complications, you could always count on his weird sense of humor.
~Love, Beth

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