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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Song For The Divine Mother of the Universe

What is there above us? There is something bigger than us, by far, I know.

I have always been entranced with space- the stars, the billions and billions of stars! (Thank you, Carl Sagen, I can now never resist adding that!)
I love to lay back and look up, and dream a little dream... and think of the legends that gave us our numerous groupings of stars, in beautiful, glimmering, perfect patterns- a hunter, forever chasing a bear, for example (Sounds depressing now that I think about it.) Orion is not just a name for crappy televisions! These legends explained the natural world for millennia, and gave people something to believe in, which tends to be important to humans. They did not GIVE the stars, but they gave us our way of looking at them.

This was spectacular to me... I'd always been interested in non-human space-explorers, and I can never help it, a tear will go to my eye.
This was a joint project between an ad agency, Leo Burnett, composer Ben Lee, and the World Wildlife Fund, which I proudly support.
The video is called "Space Monkey Goes Home". Warning: Tear jerker, very beautiful, goes for the heart strings and plays them like a harp.

The song is: "Song For The Divine Mother of the Universe" by Ben Lee, from the disc, The Rebirth of Venus.

If this is too disturbing or you need lyrics like me, here are the lyrics to the beautiful music.

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