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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Piece of Cake

Betty Crocker, of baking mix, cookbook and baking contest fame, started doing  the Gluten-Free thing about a year or so ago. Now, they're doing their first ever gluten-free baking contest, with entries due June 30th 2011.
So if you're interested in the GF baker's challenge, click here! Gluten Freely/ Betty Crocker GF Baker's Challenge

Maybe they'll come out with a GF Betty Crocker cookbook,designed like the classic my mother and many moms have used since at least the 50's. That would be awesome, and I'd add it to my growing collection of cook books.
And who knows, maybe Better Homes & Gardens will come out with one for the GF crowd, I grew up with the classic plaid in my kitchen, too!

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