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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chicken Butts, the King Of Glory, & Probing Pre-Caffeine Questions

What's Up, Chicken Butt?
Rooster feathers typically used in certain types of fishing lures are being pre-empted for a hot new hair trend, to the point where tackle and bait shops refuse to sell them to women. What's the deal? Well, they breed special roosters for a year, and then euthanize them (How nice, they politely kill them!) then they turn their beautiful butt feathers into fishing lures. Chicken-Butt-Feathers. Hair. Ne'er the twain shall meet. And the poor ickle rooster...reaches his 1st birthday and goes to get politely killed! And you're wearing his butt feathers in your hair?  Ladies... won't you please think of the chickens? Oh, the humanity! What's next, literal pig-tails? (Dear PETA, don't even think about it, do know I am mocking you, too!)

Is my amusement here a sin?"The King of Glory" is used in processionals often. Steven Colbert, yes, that Steven Colbert, did the most energetic version that I have EVER seen. Unfortunately images do stick and well... we'll say that I will have to bite my tongue or lip during Mass.

The fact that he's breathless by the end kills me.

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