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Monday, June 20, 2011

Introducing a New Word: "Murbling"

I have a pure hate. It's for this diabolical abomination, the automated menu/message system. Sample audio:

"If you (Inaudible) mumble, gurgle gargle, please press (Inaudible)." Now, provided, after about 20 tries I stumble on the "correct" button to press, here's where entertainment begins. More number punching, more softly banging my head against the wall, sobbing quietly, while becoming more hot and angry (a hot, crimson rage fills my heart...) at the computer and or human being who recorded their voice and "murbled"(Mumbled, gurgled and gargled) their way through it in an awful, flat "I'm sorry, but they are threatening to take away my cat's supply of catnip, and forcing me to speak like this" voice. It tends to resemble Lisa Lampanelli with her mouth full. (Murble murble murble.) Jumpin' jimminy- automation hasn't gotten it right yet!
 It's times like this when no matter HOW much I amp it up, that I'm tempted to let either a voice relay operator try for me, or to see if I can get them to do it via speech to text. I don't think I'm alone being annoyed at the incessant murbling.

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