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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Twisted Tale

Sit back and I'll tell a twisted tale
Of reaching out in the dark
Of attempting to read faces in a kind of Braille
When tears cloud eyes
And you feel yourself waiting... waiting...
Of sitting in the dark, chain-smoking and attempting to envision better times
While dark seraphs swirl around
And the incubus sits laughing in the dark
Of living in the dark so long, that while you become used to it
You begin to fear it, once you catch a rare glimpse of sunlight
And for a moment here, a second there, you can spin dreams and hopes
Like gold from ordinary straw
Of Faustian deals before a mocking Satan
and a deus ex machina in the most unlikely of places
Of walking away, into the sun
Soul intact
But knowing that the sacrifice
Left you raw and bleeding

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