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Monday, October 18, 2010

Learning to Love Spaghetti Again

I LOVE cooking. I also love when other people are willing to cook FOR me... (using the GF diet as a guide).
What is the GF diet? There's a somewhat silly little rhyme I use with one of my nephews who lives in the same spectrum as I do on most things: No Wheat, No Barley, No Spelt, (not the British spelling of "Spelled", the grain), no Rye,  and---(in some cases)- no dairy, no dromedaries." (Dairy contains no gluten, some people just have difficulty processing lactose, lacking a certain digestive enzyme. That is lactose intolerance. Or they are allergic to milk itself and can't tolerate the casein. {Dromedaries are one-humped camels, tossed in to make a point and see if someone is paying attention.}) The other day, I got spoiled absolutely rotten. I got a vermicelli dinner cooked for me (using rice noodles- rather sticky, but this is the pratfall of rice) and a homemade spaghetti sauce, consisting of zucchini, meat, green pepper, mushroom, onion, and a jar of basic spaghetti sauce, along with spices,  all thrown together to create a beautiful meat sauce. And slow simmered while bread was prepared and let to bake in the bread maker. Oh yes indeedie--- I had garlic bread! 
Isn't that beautiful? :)
I of course had to thank my friend, the delightful chef who gave me a treat- honest to goodness Italian dinner!
On this diet, you can find lovely desserts, too--- I personally adore Pamela's Double Chocolate Chunk cookies :) And, if you have no issues with milk, feel free to enjoy a pint of ice cream- or more- with a friend, or by yourself.
If you want to bake, there are so many GOOD and BEAUTIFUL desserts that are NOT substitutes but honest to goodness, beautiful foods. 

I'm beginning to love food again!

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