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Saturday, October 23, 2010


The Dream World is really quite interesting. Some of us get minute blips... pieces of images, or else that's all we remember. Some dreams are silly and can be good for a giggle the next day. Some are really quite scary, or warped...chasing, or being chased down MC Escher stairs?
MC Escher site
We all know what either is like, particularly when it goes on forever, and chasee and chaser are both thwarted from their goals.
Fever dreams are a special irritation for me. If I'm not feeling right, I tend to have to take some dreams as a warning, (and they get freakish!) or as a warning that I need to cope with, talk about and move on. I know that I can now finally look at calla lilies again, for the longest time, due to nightmares during a particularly bad time, I couldn't. Sometimes after a particularly vivid and freakish fever dream, movement is impossible, and of course, the heat that contributed to the issue can still be felt, a slight dream hangover.
Ever notice- often, when something is particularly bad, the opposite happens in real life? And if it's really good, then the actual result can fall far short. Fever dreams, I'm told, are among those that could possibly be discounted, it's the body fighting off infection and your brain wrestling with its' own thoughts as you lay in the Land of Pain.
As for the sleep-paralysis... if I lived in the Middle Ages or thereabouts, I might have blamed it on an incubus holding me down. Isn't it incredible: How the brain works when you shut the body down, (I also analyze too much.)- and the ways we explain odd phenomena?
Well, Dawn has begun...gray light at the window, as I wait for Naproxen and my cup of tea to take effect on the sofa...
So... dream big, think big, believe, love, live, laugh, keep Hope, Faith and Love close.
Second star to the right, straight on 'til morning.

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