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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sodium Vapor IV

Part ONE Part TWO Part THREE
She touched his chest with the palm of her hand. The feel of his strong, healthy heart assured her. She'd fallen asleep against Greg, holding him almost like a large baby. To wake up and hear alarms, feel him growing cold, to feel nothing but slowly stiffening limbs had alarmed her. She'd known it was coming, but for it to actually happen, frightened her. But she'd survived. She held a warm, loving man, who yearned for her, as much as he protected her, as much as he'd babied her of late. Nadia kissed Mikey again, becoming a little more insistent with her touch, her closeness. She'd jerked at the touch of Greg's now icy flesh. Mikey's warm, and strong arms closed around her small waist. Nadia looked like the porcelain dolls made of "angels"... so pure and innocent... but when she was ready to go, he held on tight. Her manner of asserting herself, and the fact that she had survived so much, was almost aggressive, even while she herself was gentle as a kitten. But for a long time, they held... teased, but held still, almost shyly, not quite sure of eachother. Then he gently lifted part of her hem, teasing, asking permission. A hand touched her thigh, and she smiled and made it easier for him to touch her. She felt him sit up and scooch down, felt his teeth at her neck as he bent over, and then felt a rush of air as his hands removed a shoulder strap and lifted her skirt an inch more. Mikey was teasing her.
"Fuck it," she said, shocking herself, by how loudly she said it, and how she said it, cursing being rare for her, "I just want you,"
"Lay back," he told her softly, and lay down to rest his head on the breast he'd bared, looking up at her.
His lips closed around a nipple, and his hand went to work, and Nadia relaxed. Her hand held his head to her breast, and curled into his dark hair, and he moaned at even that most innocent of touches. There had been many nights, where he lay against a bare breast, or suckled, while she held him. It was a way she had, of giving comfort to him alone. He too felt the pain of losing Greg, who had happily accepted him as a friend, joking with him in his brotherly way, that Mikey was the Token Straight Boy. And Nadia was his comfort, even while he was hers. Nadia felt herself pulling down her other shoulder strap, leaving a bare breast on the right as well. Mikey acknowledged it with a happy, though muted, "mmm". In the weak light, she glowed when he opened his eyes. He saw no scarring, only soft flesh. While on many, this light made them look old, with her soft, young flesh, it might as well have been candlelight. He protested softly when she moved under him, and began to sit up. He chose to lay against her thighs when she did, grinning up at her wickedly. She removed the rest of her dress, watching it fall to a gauzy puddle on the floor.  Mikey did not protest!
He gently wrestled her, pulling her to him. She felt his body move towards her, felt how aroused he was, even clad in his cotton pajama pants. She pretended to resist, and felt him laugh.
"Oh, no," he said, a teasing lilt in his voice, "You're not getting away!" When the giggles and play had subsided, there were just two young, naked bodies, curled into eachother, two quotation marks. With a rough kiss, Mikey lifted her up, cradling her head on the pillows, and poised himself over her.
"How do you want me?" he asked, as he did slight push ups, his chest brushing against her breasts, his lips brushing on hers.
"When I get like this, when I want to prove I'm alive, I want it hard and strong. I want to feel something."
Nadia pulled his head to hers, and matched his earlier, rougher kisses.
"I want you," she told him, huskily, while his lips still brushed hers.
Mikey growled, and obeyed her, feeling her move against him, lifting her hips up to his as much as she could. There were times when he could tease her for hours, and times when Nadia wanted him, and he had better just start now. He adored her demanding nature in the bedroom, and while he would always joke with her, he refused to keep her waiting. Nadia was a quiet type, who typically exuded "Gentle, sweet", so if she offered a command, it was made quite clear that she expected action. He heard soft moans, whispered curse words, and listened to hear her cry out. He found it exciting to hear her soft little voice, suddenly hoarse, and coarse language come from her little cupid's bow lips.
Mikey let go, letting her feel all of him, not making love to her, but fucking her, animalistically. And Nadia, his "Honey, baby, angel" responded in kind. It was a reassurance of life, that they were there,  that there was more than tears. After a while, he felt her hand cup his sweaty face.
"Mine," she groaned.
The look in her bright aquamarine eyes was fiery.
Mikey tilted his head and kissed the palm of her hand.
Looking down at her, lips still against her hand, tanned, sweaty, crystal droplets in his dark curls, Mikey looked almost dangerous, a barely tamed animal. To prove the point that Nadia made in her head, he then lightly nipped her hand. She pulled him down to her, and kissed him hard, feeling the rest of him follow. With a sudden ripple going through her, she followed his sage, oft repeated advice, and looking him in the eye, although blind with lust, she shattered. He continued moving as she shook and sobbed beneath, contracting almost painfully. It had taken her a long time to distinguish between pleasure and pain, and combining the two was something new. He tried to soothe her even while she came, hard, but Nadia would have none of it. She incited him until he tilted his head, low, and seized a nipple between his teeth, thrusting as he nibbled, hard. His hands were rough now, grazing her. He knew he'd bear her nails in his back, and she would have his stubble burns. Slowly, she came down, her hand massaging the base of his neck, oh, so gently, and soft little moans left her pretty little lips. Carefully, he rearranged them, spooning her sweaty body again, smiling into the back of her neck as she came back to earth, snuggling in sweetly, like a mischevious kitten who has played a massive game of Tug of War and now wants to sleep on your chest.

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