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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Moments of Your Life

What are the most precious moments of your life? Your "Shoulda been Kodak moments"-moments?
Here are 10 so far. I tried to put these in order, in some way.
10:My first kiss. Age 16. From a goth-kid. The surprise I felt then was so shocking, in light of other events I've experienced.
9)Writing a poem on the evils of war at age 13 and getting a concerned talk from my principal, who thought an older person must have written it for me. Until I gave him some idea of the mental image I saw while writing. More or less... it takes place as a kid-soldier dies and thinks of loves and losses. He was reassured and uncomfortable all at once!
8)Star-gazing with Dad. I even learned to love that smelly old Army blanket on the grass. Even though it was stiff and itchy.
7)My first sip of coffee, age two. I really loved it!
6)Meeting my "sister"- a woman so close, "friend" can't cover our relationship. She actually dated my brother's best friend once. I was 9 and she was 15.
5) GETTING DIVORCED! When I found out that I was now legally divorced, I jumped into my divorce attorney's arms... I didn't think, I just grabbed him and laughed and cried. He was nice enough to pat me on the back and carefully put me back down!
4)Meeting a girl named Raven*- we fought, we cared for eachother, we've seen a lot of changes. I'm thrilled to call her "sister" too.
3)My baby girl's first "I love you". "Wuff you" while being hugged is the sweetest thing I could hear :)
2)Lorelei's first steps on my 25th birthday, two months before she turned two.
1)Meeting Lorelei for the very first time and knowing what love at first sight was. It's--- indescribable.

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