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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Studies In Contrasts

Occasionally, I get an itch to travel- Bethy is a rolling stone!- and while I like airplanes, I love trains. I remember the days of travelling in my Grateful Dead t-shirt, pigtails, and jammy pants late at night, meeting interesting people, like some rather odd Amish boys heading home, fresh from Rumspringa. I got flirted with, (I get this a lot, everywhere I go.), and of course, they decided to entertain me by telling me how they fed the mean and aggressive rooster of one of their fathers grain soaked in beer. They got a mean rooster drunk! I also got a marriage proposal, but I was 18, and wouldn't have considered it even if it were possible! On one of my jaunts east on the way to Penn Station, NYC, I saw some rather interesting sights, especially Schenectady, which is a dark city now, with the Industrial Revolution having left it in a gray stage.
I have to say, it's not like I haven't felt this way myself, I just have never graffiti-ed  it! Of course, at Hudson, the view changed dramatically:

Stay classy, Schenectady! 

Of course, even close to home, the sights can get amusing... here's a cute example of "Not quite grasping the concept!"
Cold Stone Creamery and Jenny Craig... this could ALSO be good advertising, depending on your mindset. The girl at Cold Stone did say that they get A LOT of Jenny clients!
I did this to lighten the mood, there have been a lot of darker and more serious posts.
One more contrast for you:
I hiked here, a beautiful trail in central Jersey. Note how Nature peacefully coexists, with baby ducks and happy little froggies, along side industry.

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