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Sunday, September 23, 2012

What's Your Style?

Here and there, someone will ask one of two questions I thought only existed in magazines.

1) What is your signature style?
A) On paper? A little angled, girlish, sharp crossing of "T"s at a diagonal slant. Oh.
B) My dress sense.

Among the things I need to do:
1)Invest in good-quality belts (the Guatemalan belt for $1 was tempting but the need to add extra holes and the cheapness means that the shipping costs cancel out the value.)
2)Invest in (Insert dramatic music) jeans that fit. When I have a pair that actually fits, I find a few months later, they end up getting a sort of baggy butt elephant leg thing going on. Having no butt stinks- and it doesn't help that jeans are at least 60% lycra now.

But for the most part, I'm dress casual. I like to cut a figure, and be able to fit equally well at dinner with Great Aunt Betsy and for lunch/ drinks with friends. I'm working on cutting out disconcerting bagginess. *Sigh*. Someday.
Dress coat:
Black Poppy toggle jacket in navy blue - the hood was held on insecurely, I simply snipped them off and wear a knit hat when I decide my ears are worth it. I got mine for $30 at Pacsun.

For an everyday coat, much as I appreciate the very big Columbia ski jacket given, I know I'm too short for it, and it would let in the cold, sort of to be avoided. Am going to put some hard-earned cash down on one fitted to me.

3/4 sleeve t-shirts and jeans, some "Monk neck"... my apologies, cowl-neck... sweaters for that scarfy look, or alternatively, if too big, like this ancient white one I have, my mostly accidental homages to Flashdance.

These are my mostly must haves, I'm working on getting past a few things, I feel I fell into a rut.

Mine is more fishing line and plastic, but I love it :)

The second question is one of awe, shock, or curiosity.

What's in your purse?



1) Laundry money

2) One small stress ball

3) Wallet

4)Assorted pens

5)I'm assured there's a pack of Post-its in there.

6)coin wrappers

7)the occasional wrapper from junk food on the go.

8)Pack of Life Savers

9)Sugar free lemon candy as Topomax makes your mouth a little dry

And... that's it. It's small but it weighs 8lbs. I know this after I stepped on a scale not paying attention, with purse still in hand, ala Sophia Petrillo, and almost freaked out my doctor when the scale read way too high! (Don't try this trick at home, kids.)

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