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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rock the Lakes

I am currently bogged down in studies and photos, X-rays, scans, tests, etc. I've acquired a rather morbid fascination with the human skull, and the knowledge that even now, I am lucky, my illnesses aren't to be used on charts to point out character flaws, I am not being held in an institution for 80 years.

Sometimes I get a little too bogged down, and know this isn't good for me, that fear of being shaky or sick in public can't keep me locked in. So I have my books, my music, (I can't be locked into a genre.) my hikes, my ambitions.

Last night, my friend, Pastor Chris, invited me out to Coca Cola field for Rock the Lakes Buffalo. It is a Franklin Graham crusade, besides a concert. Unlike his father, Billy Graham, Franklin is not pushy, although the rather Protestant based form of salvation got to me... "Jesus isn't still hanging on the cross!" I automatically glanced down at my rosary bracelet, sort of an automatic article, used and prayed on so much the silver coating is wearing off beads... but you celebrate Easter! I've been in Protestant churches where lurid paintings...including the rather terrifying Sacred Heart, (The eyes follow you.)  are hung on walls! How do you preach Easter messages, have a cheerleader stand up and drawl in her best Valley Girl, "So, like, ZOMG! They nailed him up! Like, eww, look at that loin cloth!" ? ---besides that--- it was 5 minutes and back to the music. At 3 I fell asleep at a Billy Graham crusade, they took that to mean that 3 year olds will sleep anywhere. But it was beautiful... even with that little Protestant- driven means of getting to the masses. Immediately after this, two people behind us sparked up a joint. I knew smoking wasn't allowed totally, but still had to let the smell waft to my nose and watch the fish faces...because I wasn't sure if I was seeing things.

During the incomprehensible rap sets. Bless them. 
It was great... rap incomprehensible, to the point where the auto tuning caused even the head-phone wearing ASL translator to put her hands out in the "I have no idea" way. But Building 429 and Skillet were awesome, and after moving onto the field, danced in the 60 degree weather and the chilly rain. I loved it... it was good to get out, and I certainly got my exercise. What to do when you hurt, what to do when you're sad? The heck with it... dance!
Before Skillet came on, they asked that we remember King David dancing with joy and to dance like him. "Get wild! Be rowdy!" I said to Pastor Chris, "But King David was naked, and I don't think they want us THAT rowdy."

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