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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Future Starts Slow (Music Appreciation With Bethy)

I fell in love with Future Starts Slow by the Kills from the opening riffs. I did have to keep flipping back and finally made two enhanced gestures at myself as I first heard " You can holler, you can wail, you can flap like a broken sail" as something else entirely. For the record, the gestures are:
1)Stick out both index fingers horizontally, facing forward. Now wiggle them slightly up and down, possibly contorting your face into a suggestive expression (I'm face and gestures first, speech...3rd or 4th.)
2)Make a sort of floppy gesture with your hand with elbow resting on other forearm, after making a sweeping motion like clearing a chalkboard. I did this as what I thought I heard made no sense to me in context, and sails flap and flop, but have no capacity for human behaviors.

All things considered, I love it... I feel it, literally, it's lovely, dark and deep, and it caught me on a good day last year.

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