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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Failed Experiment: Marbling

Sometimes, you get a little tired of the same old same old routines in beauty. While I won't fix it if it isn't broken, there comes a time when "sorbet" and "ballet slipper" fail to do anything for me and I find myself reaching for a dark "mojito" green--which I'm thinking of capping with silver for the holidays for that bauble Christmas ornament look...

Today, I made a failed attempt at the water marbling look. I learned one interesting trick--- using a chapstick I never use as it makes my lips peel and just stings... never what I go for on perma-chapped lips... means I avoid staining my cuticles. I might be able to handle red after all.

This was a failed attempt, and while it looked pretty, it was done using old remnant polishes that settled to the bottom too fast and formed a weird, ooky skin on the water. I will do a "How To" when I get it right.

The accouterments. I use a different stylus, this one is too flimsy for my touch screen. Chopstick in use next time.


really pretty, but too gloppy. Next time.

Next up: Redoing this the right way, plus playing with a nail polish that answers: "Magnets, how do they work?" ... Maybe. 

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