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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not Just A Doll

People always look at me sort of like a little doll-like creature... when I do or say something that isn't in my normal, peace-loving, gentle way, they will usually be taken aback.

First up was tattooing... mine isn't visible to all eyes... it was thought out, mapped out and placed as I wanted it:
18th b-day, done purposefully so to be meaningful to me but not be visible in contexts for ROTC, etc... although there was paperwork to fill out descriptions, and, due to my personality being what it is, showing it to a very surprised female officer who more or less had this "Yeah... YOU have a tattoo... right..." look on her face when I had to fill out the forms.
 I thought like an 18 year old. I had a grandfather who'd been in WWII. I like pin ups. I combined his eagle wings (He had a huge pair across his chest) with a pin up) and made something of my own--- and thinking like a kid, I figured, this is my future ahead of me, and this, below my bra strap, (above the "tramp stamp" area) is what is behind me... this gives me strength... this is my heritage... 

And of course, for the most part, I guess I am gentle... I am told I am angelic quite often... a very old friend sent me a letter while on a flight recently... "You! You stay on this earth! Heaven does NOT need another angel, we need you here, young lady!" We have been friends so long, and we both have a habit of saying things that we mean, 100%, all to follow it up by saying something rather sarcastic and perhaps rude... "So, how many in-flight beers have you had?" I sent back. "Have you ever heard of in vino veritas?" he was a little disappointed in me... "Sober thoughts are drunken words, kid." :-/

But even I have had moments... back in '08... up until I moved here? I slept with a sheleighleigh- a short, stout stick with a large head at the top... and had I been broken in upon again, I would have used it. But I am growing, and I am not as fearful as I was.  I do not build obstacles to me, but I will fight for me if I must. Perhaps, not by swinging a cudgel, but I am learning to do so in my word, in my deed.

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