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Monday, September 17, 2012

Laughter is the Best Medicine

If it's not going right, if the answers you're seeking aren't coming easily, it's time to dig deeper. It's also time to laugh.

Medicine is practicing... they learn as they go, unfortunately or fortunately depends on your way of thinking.

I've taken to building models if my probing into "Here is problem XYZ" means I find myself against the brick wall of "Here's medication ABC, why isn't this working, why are you sensitive to it, and we don't know...". 

Of late, the basic model goes like this:

You have your basic skull. What you're showing is HOW epilepsy works. In times beyond, epilepsy has been used as a character flaw, as well as "Heaven help us, I do believe she's possessed!" (Think Christ throwing "Demons" out of the boy in the temple... read it carefully, and it sounds like the boy was having seizures. Cursing and laughing, as well as sobbing can be part of an episode, however this version is one I thankfully don't deal with. It doesn't respond to therapy and is followed with other types... hopefully, one that responds.) What I'm considering is adding in a button to show this gelastic laughter, as flat and sardonic as it sounds... my sardonic laugh is a sign that I am overtaxed and have taken to laughing in your face "How cute, you're serious about this!" and is rather Halloween-esque. For purity's sake, I'd want to mimic the pure sound. I can't just call someone and be like "Hi, can you have a seizure for me? I'll bring the strobe and the champagne and you find a soft place to lie down." New business model here: Think of it as the epileptic's version of J-Date! 

Epilepsy is a diagnosis that I call the "Captain Obvious" Diagnosis. (Here is usually where I laugh a little flatly.) It's "You have had a seizure." From there, you need to find cause and effect, while controlling the electrical impulses and restarts that could be deadly. Medical science treats, cures and prevention are still not covered by science or insurance. 

Non-medical people bringing in ways to show and advance health aren't new... it was a ventriloquist/ 1st voice of Tigger and then some---brilliant but sad man--- who gave us the artificial heart. 

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