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Monday, September 10, 2012

In The Eye of the Storm...

Years ago, my very marvelous, friend, so close that "friend" is odd and "sister" is better, introduced me to Cracker. I was 17... young, hurting... already realizing the world was cold, and that sometimes, the shadows could seem so long. But she brought me sun. One Saturday night, she brought me to a now defunct club by the airport, and we saw magic... bands that went un-noticed, but simply playing their hearts out...
I was delighted to find Darling One. Friends I introduced it to loved it and hold it close. But Youtube sucks for video and linking it is virtually impossible. So I took matters into my own hands and ran it through Movie Maker, using whatever images I generally use to study or read by-- I am visual first... and trying to show why this is a "happy song"--- a song I use in the eye of storms, when I am very sad, as I was today... when I am stressed, as I have been. While Youtube had a billion tetchy concert videos, it was all crowd noise, so I hope now people can bliss out and smile with clearer sound. Bless. Smile. Love.

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