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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Leavin' Time?

Time for clean air, new surroundings...getting out and taking time. To explore, to photograph, to maybe see more of the night sky  than I can see here in insect-riddled lamp-light.

I can't forget, and I can't think badly... I can't be angry... but it's time for freshness. It's time to see an old friend, and not worry about what the future holds or that the heart does hurt along with the body. To pick up travalogues, and watch for strange and wonderful people everywhere.

I have, from necessity and from illness, a lot less freedom than I should... but it's time to pick up, to see how many of my wants are valid, how many of my needs I can fulfill on my own. I cannot mourn the past any longer. Things will have to be said, prayers will be sobbed out, while holding for dear life on whatever I can... but I have to get through the latest round of appointments, and perhaps celebrate a little autumn down south. And come back with a twinkle and new joys.

I understand far more than people give me credit for. I may get frightened, may be a bit too proper, but even I have my mischievous moments.

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