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Friday, April 6, 2012

Still Waters Run Deep

Sometimes, it can get so hectic that the chance to quietly contemplate, to pray for patience and peace, and to simply just be quiet is necessary.
Later, I'll watch a few disparate movies and sit back.

What odd ball things do I like to do by myself?
1)Make cookies... and then lick the spoon. Have the actual cookies with a glass of milk and not care if I end up greeting someone with a milky Fu-Manchu.
2)Allow myself the messiness of S'mores... I don't know about you, but I can't eat them without a ring of chocolate around my mouth and some marshmallow going everywhere.
3)Sit criss-cross applesauce and sway to Bob Dylan. Occasionally, I put my lighter in the air too.
4)Test out different things---"Well, this'll make a good hat..." (Most of the time, it would, provided I were Princess Beatrice.)
5)Learn about the craziest, most deliciously horrifying and disgusting things history can teach.
6)Take a shower while playing Handel's Water Music in the background, as loudly as it will go.
7)My version of dancing.
8)Laying on the rug "feeling" Beethoven.

For Good Friday, through Easter, I am starting a tortilla soup in the crock pot, and taking time to search for patience. I had no idea that taking this sort of quiet time was a weird thing, I just knew I needed it.
Also, while I did meatless Fridays during Lent, they weren't all fish...some fries, some soups, some spaghetti nights and some gf pizza from Davinci's.... because I can't stand 6 weeks straight of fish. And soon, I can go and get myself a good, sturdy, meaty meal. Once again, I had no clue this was a weird thing, and here, I informed friends about it, like "ain't no thang". I guess what you learn from the Pre Vatican II Catholics can stick with you. I only know I can use the quiet, the patience, the peace... and will work on that.

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