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Friday, April 20, 2012

She Puts the Bomp In The Bop-She-Bop

My friend Kristi is a spectacularly hilarious woman, who, in a burst of  "Life is nuts" added knee replacement surgery to her list.. she is not a complainer, and loves to read, write, create, sew, and has been a gigantic help to me. Send her love, and encouragement... see "Not the Bee's Knees" . This is also a woman who is spectacular at photography, and always has a wild and hilarious idea. Her Katy Perry look was awesome! :)

She is also the spectacular creator behind Topaz Crafts... here's the wreath I got as a Christmas gift in 2010. She also makes decorative brooms, and more.


  1. why thank you lady!!  In "Not The Bee's Knees" I focus on the surgery and the day to day afterwards for those who may be on my track as well!!  Thaks for the promo!!

  2. No problem! :) Anytime! <3 Get well soon! :)