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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter!

The warm/ windy/chilly/rainy weather is bloody annoying... it's a blessing I'm always cold and haven't put the Black Poppy toggle jacket away!

I was worried when I had tests done... and, besides pointing out that I have a polyp on my sinuses (I was born with it, I'll take it with me.) everything else is... INCONCLUSIVE. So, more tests, and a threat of a 3-day EEG with print out. How embarrassing to have a doctor read that smut! ;) ~ and blood tests galore. We know I'm vitamin deficient, have managed to have an issue with every anti-convulsive drug out there~~~ I got into a dark mood and joked that (A) I was going to hold a rave for epilepsy awareness, and (B) that's not any worse than a pie-eating contest for bulimia awareness. In my "Gallows Humor" moods, I can insult just about anyone.

Right now? All I can really say, kind of out of it is: "Tell Ronnie you got knocked the fuck out." So, tests, threats (somewhat vague, but issued anyway) of surgeries~ I am not good with surgery, recovery/ wake up time is a bit of a bugger, so that's something I'm pushing to the back.

I will also be having tests done because with the amount of vitamins---1,000 IU Vitamin D weekly, a daily multi-vitamin, feverfew and magnesium 3 times a day, and a B-12 shot once a month, I'm showing signs that I'm pissing them away. As of yet, nothing on the fair hearing asked for regarding my insurance company's spectacularly stupid reason for denying a root canal in a broken molar--- which could be fixed, and is actually more cost effective--- I tried to very politely say: "You are willing to choke on the cost for Imitrex injectors which cost $300 each, and numerous pills that get stopped due to allergies/ sensitivities. A healthy tooth could help with headaches. More stress, more pain, more tooth grinding, more jaw clenching... see the cycle? I might not need 3 packages of 2 injectors a month anymore. And you denied me because I'm over 21?! A healthy mouth helps a healthy body."
Maybe I'll hear back by August.

Next week...I correct more problems, and take a trip to... Planned Parenthood, as my gyno doesn't do birth control (but recommended I go there as she works for Catholic Health.) I love having to do extra for medical care.

Well, anyway... Happy Easter!

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