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Sunday, April 8, 2012

In The Still, Still, Still of the Evening

The past few days of recovering from massive side effects of anti-seizure drugs (I have now gone through the entire spectrum), I've been sleeping long hours at weird times (Sleep, at all, is a blessing). I'm enjoying giving myself some quiet... yes, I do have worries on my mind, and 99 problems, yada yada... but can't quite point out exactly what's bugging me... pain? Anxiety? Worries about further tests, more falls, more black outs? So the quiet time, without analyzing, (any more than I already do) is nice.
But, when I wake up suddenly and find myself asking, "Ok, what the hell was that"? I know that something's seriously odd in dream land.

In the most freakish dream, I was experiencing what I'd call a nice day--- I'm by the sea, I'm happy. But then I fall and get a big gash on my arm. A few days later, I realize it's turning black and looks like things are moving under my skin. After a while, I can't stand it any longer, and I tear open the skin with my fingers, exposing the long muscle and bone...and a massive group of scorpions come out. We take care of them, call Orkin? or so I think, and my arm miraculously heals back. I go to bed, and in the middle of the night, realize crisp cotton sheets suddenly don't feel cool and comforting, but like I'm on fire! (If you know the pins and needles, limbs on fire feeling...that, times a million!) I quickly strip off the blankets and scurry, over a floor that's writhing, and there is a mass of scorpions, all chattering "Kill! Kill!" all over the place. One comes close, while I'm unprepared, even with a can of Raid, while I'm standing in a big t-shirt in the light of two 75 watt bulbs... and chants "kill, kill!" before pulling back its' spiny tail and digging it firmly into my thigh. And... then I woke up, clutching my leg and coated in sweat.

What the hell was that?!

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