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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paging Dr. Freud...

I've freaking HAD IT. I have to either vent it out, pass the torch to my older sibling who can "honey badger it" a bit better than I can...I tend to care exceedingly... but I can feel my face getting hot and the urge to sit in a corner playing with my lower lip rising.
I don't know if this is my fault... I don't hear 9/10 of the conversations (hell, until recently, I read with my nose pressed to the page until I got exhausted by having to read as close as I was)...and not only am I undergoing sensory overload (O hai, I'm the child of yours who reacted so badly to her MMR shot that I now have health issues. He's the healthy one.)
1)Is it appropriate to charge $200/hr to be family psychiatrist?
2)Do you understand that when my face goes red, this is generally my body's way of saying "Ok, no more... blood pressure rising... discuss something else!"
3)Why was I tossed around among a series of octogenarian babysitters? (Great job, I'm a 29 year old elderly person!) and was I home during the 80's and 90's?
4)I was in speech therapy after I had rubella, scarlet fever and the reactions to my MMR...sometime around the time when I could be trusted with one of those Tupperware sippy cup thing a ma bobbers. It freaking hurts. Because it's um, a natural behavior I had to learn in an inorganic manner. So why, knowing I get either frustrated, or give up and go mute, do you insist on speaking for me? If I say, for example "I can't eat this right now," it's generally not "I don't like it." it's that surprise, surprise, my appetite changes. Why did you deal with Early Intervention, the Montessori Program, and the school district, for OT, PT and ST, pay for gymnastics, to help me achieve muscle tone, and decide, "I'm going to speak FOR her." Let me, for God's sake, learn to freaking communicate! My Pavlovian reaction is of course, to go silent. Then you ask me what's wrong (I hate when people do this, I have no clue why, except that I can never come up with an answer... "Oh, I'm worried about politics in the My Little Pony universe...you?") and tell me I was staring into space.
Courtesy of http://www.all-about-psychology.com/psychology-jokes.html
What part of I have migraines and black out occasionally, have issues left over from massive problems, and generally, hate drama (as, quite frankly, life is full of it, and why does more need to manufactured?) does it mean that it's a good thing to stress me out by telling me someone I care for died, or to bring up my ex husband? Um... I need a damn break. How about, "Oh, it's a pretty day! It's warming up! Have you seen any pretty butterflies or seen any interesting seashells/ etc"? "How about coffee?" "Did I tell you what Dixie did?" You ring my bell all right. And every time it bing-bongs, I have a need to recuperate that I never get. You know what? How about I focus on being a shoulder for the friends who are having it tough, focus on the good things that have come about, the process, the progress. Negativity? Why should I focus on that?!

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