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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I See Leaves Of Green...

Meet my pets... in lieu of a goldfish, or a dog (until I get my own place, I've become nursemaid to a trio of plants.

First is Bobbsey, a hardy little oxalis whose full name is Sir Bobbsey Longleaf. He hangs out soaking up light, and trailing himself all over the windowsill. Bobbsey just got some new friends!
Bobbsey opens up in the day and closes his leaves at night. He's pretty easy going. I get his soil a little damp, and he thrives and throws off new leaves and shoots.(He eats, shoots, and leaves.)

Next is Jack, named for the male half of the White Stripes, and their song, Blue Orchid. See, an orchid gets its' name from its' roots, which look like testes. Let's not have a discussion on why poor Jack is pink with a blue pot. He's pretty simple. 3 ice cubes in his pot a week.

And then, we have this lovely lady, the Baroness Rosalind Von Pepperpot. She rounds them out.
I wanted an extremely ridiculously aristocratic name, something like the names we gave a happy pair of ducks that used to hang out by Grandma's. To that end, they were Monsieur and Madame Puddleduck and their Quacklets.

Baroness Pepperpot is not a huge diva, but she definitely could use a clean up!
Edit: The Baroness was almost named Antoine, for  Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry, but somehow, she just didn't strike me as an Antoine and while I do like the Little Prince, it's a bit sad. And that's not what I'm going for.

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