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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Game of Thrones

Even sweet Nellie, when not manipulating others, got her hands dirty at times. But...it's uncanny!
I once again gave into a pop-culture phenom... namely, Game of Thrones...which isn't too bad (I'm sort of in love with the clockwork model-buildings in the title sequence. I tend to notice and get stuck on small details.) I was wondering about all the "trigger" warnings I'd seen... while the boy-king having a prostitute beat another was tough, I was triggered more watching the Tudors and watching a guy get his teeth ripped out as part of his torture (I had to stop the DVR at that point.) I'm wondering if, because I'm catching the episodes for free off the net, if I'm getting censored versions. Or, if it's just because when I look at Joffrey, I tend to imagine him in a prairie bonnet, and BAM! it's Nellie Olsen! (No, really... it's weird.)
I'll be playing catch-up again.
Please, no spoilers, I've watched both seasons up until the upcoming episode...which I think I still partially-watched and may have missed things (I do rewind a lot when I watch anything...I'll have a wait...what?! moment.) If I could find a free version with closed captioning (No HBO at my house.) I may find things I missed.
Being able to see without, essentially, squinting and putting my nose too close to the subject matter is pretty cool though.
And now you have it. I went on a foray into the land of copious sex and fantasy imagery. And all I can think about is: 1)Who breastfeeds a child who is old enough to demand in sentences consisting of more than 1-syllable words, and
2)I see a child there, who has a learning disability and a fair bit of childish sadism (not unlike Nellie, who occasionally showed some heart.). Whereas Joffrey's sadism is the more adult version that he's not even ready for. Um... mama... I think your baby is stunted. Do you want him to be 40 years old and still coming home to untie your--- oh, lord. Ok, that's disturbing.
3) Weirdest sentence uttered in a bedroom: "Want me to go get my brother?" *shudder*
I'm disturbed and triggered all right. The public beatings, and the beatings done under duress certainly weren't anything I like seeing. But they didn't trigger me. I know I'm not immune to such things, but I was brought into it, hearing about how gory it was... (And that part of my brain that says "I have to see it myself" went nuts.) and it was simply, way too glossy, choreographed and cut to save time and segue into the next sequence.
I guess maybe the take-away lesson is: Imagine your monsters in pigtails and poofy bonnets.

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