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Friday, April 20, 2012

Dancing in the Shadows

Lately, it's been a game of finding puzzle pieces, and not, as of yet, finding solutions. A never ending NY Times crossword that goes from dream to nightmare when I realize someone's lost the clues. But, with a massive block of back-to-back appointments coming, and high anxiety being common place. People constantly demanding that I ask for help... ah, but I know what happens if people think you have! Besides, I LIKE doing things on my own, struggles are for learning from, life gets better. The sun always comes out if not tomorrow, than soon! People tearing down work with "I'd do it this way"... "I think that should go..." "Oh, look, who helped you?" (Nobody, if you please, I put in the freaking effort.) I need to go past that.
If, lately, I have asked something, in a burst of "let's see what happens", please, ignore it.

May seems to be booked already... medical board, furniture delivery, hearing aid evail and balance/ dizziness tests. I am swamped. I am sick and a bit bruised... I do need someone to talk to, but I'll do that when I quit being pigheaded and stubborn. I need a change of scenery... I am thinking first, get good sneakers and go head down to do some rock-climbing. And go from there.


  1. I like your attitude Bethy-Doll and agree the rock climbing seems to be a good avenue. Expend some energy, get your thoughts in line as to all the things coming up next month. Keep me posted on your progress!

  2. Along with, among other things, adding in new music---I'll be likely sending out a call for suggestions... as I'm pretty much musically psychotic (although lately, I am REALLY into classical, this doesn't preclude pre-haircut Metallica, for example) I'm asking for a mixture. The hearing aid place I go to also makes special headphones for iPods, so I might be able to listen better to music too. Right now, I'm going to be working on my projects, some fabric, some glue, some organization, and looking for some items, like seashells, etc... and hopefully, finding BALANCE. Among other things, I hope to let process and progress speak for themselves :)