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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Take a Sad Song and Make It Better

Music has a capability to bear us up, cheer us up, make us laugh, make us yearn, make us a bit nostalgic for the past. So, a quickie, video-less top 10 list of the "Uppers", in no particular order. Smile :) I'm trying to choose darkhorses, songs that may not be checked out otherwise, more's the pity.

10) Cornershop- the original, not the Fat-Boy Slim version of Brimful of Asha. You may recognize this is as a ditty that repeated, throughout, about 17 times, "Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow". True enough, and you don't always necessarily need to be thinking of literal "bosoms" (which I'm informed only large maiden aunts have.)
9)The Pogues- If I Should Fall From Grace With God- sure, it's made to be a drinking song---loud, with whooping...and maybe some rather dark lyrics to a feisty tune
8)Taco- Puttin' On The Ritz - (Or the version from Young Frankenstein.) Trivia: Numerous Berlin songs are referenced in the song & video, including White Christmas. Yup. If you're blue and you don't know where to go to... this is precisely what you need. It's beautifully, fantastically, weird!
7)Gaelic StormRaised On Black And Tans (Sharp observers may recognize Gaelic Storm as the steerage band in Titanic)
6)Cracker/ Adam Duritz (from the Counting Crows) - Darling One
Not found so easily on Youtube, but audio files are plentiful. Very sweet and calming
5)Ben Lee- Song For the Divine Mother of the Universe . Nothing fancy, done in a simple repeat form. Peaceful.
4)Tennis- Marathon- very bright, almost a 1950's cooing quality
3) The Five Stairsteps- Oooh Child. Yes, baby, it gets better. I swear.
2)Thurston Joseph Moore (You may know him from Sonic Youth.)- Benediction 
Musically, it's the equivalent of tea and a fuzzy blanket. You can't help but smile no matter how weary you are.
1) The Scissor Sisters- Fire With Fire
Big, bright, light hearted. A weary fighter's song--- but with no signs of tiredness.


  1. That's very interesting.. I had it with a twist. Just like the saddest moments, it can be a possible turnover.

  2. Thanks for reading. These are among those I use to pull me out of bad moods, preferably, before I accidentally do something stupid.