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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Goodbyes and Goodnights, Repost From 2010

Transcript of my speech for Grandma.
On August 6th, 2010, the world lost a beautiful soul--- a little, funny, sarcastic, sweet love of a woman who meant so much to us all. Who knew how to be silly and laugh at herself, who loved her family, and forever carried a photo of her beloved husband, as he was as a young man, hair oiled as it was in the 40's and 50's, dressed in his dapper suit, and loved their Hawaii photos in the matching 1970s bright orange with white hibiscus bathing suits and leis. (And bandied around the we got lei'd gag with a big grin.)
Here's to you, Champ. I love you!

Dearest Grandma, you and Grandpa are reunited now for the first time since 1988.
Dearest Grandma. I'm not saying goodbye. I'll mourn that you aren't here...the sunny presence, the cooking, the constant "Are You Hungrys"... 
Grandma, I won't say good bye. 
I'm saying goodnight, Dear Friend, Third Parent, Teacher, chef, nurse... 
You were more than a 17 year old bride married in a priest's house to a Lutheran who fought in WWII. More than a Westinghouse employee, helping build electronics, and ironically driving my friends stinky great uncle (small world, huh?) home. More than a Grandma... you were Grandma to me, Jeff, Brit, Brandon, and to Jilly-Bean, and her son, our beautiful nephew.
You constantly begged for pics, and Jilly-Bean was happy to oblige if I didn't have all the people depicted... you thought the Darling Boy in his swim trunks, was handsome. 
You taught me a poker face, although I never quite figured out poker! You let me be me, got books, spoiled me, and loved me. 
Dearest Grandma...
Barvch Dayan Emes. I love you. Rest now, sweet Grandma. 
Goodnight, farewell, 'til I see you again. 
Mmmhmm I want to linger
Mmmhmm a little longer
Mmmhmm a little longer here with you
Mmmhmm as the years go by
Mmmhmm I will remember
mmmhmm that tonight is goodnight, and not goodbye.

(Note: verbally, I couldn't get 6 words without crying. Most of this was in a note I buried with her.) 

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