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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Accept That Which You Cannot Change, & More

1)I will not get into such a frenzy for perfection that I make myself ill doing so, to the point where I become utterly useless.
2)I will not let fear get the best of me to where I almost go back to nail- biting or hiding
3)I will say when something is wrong
4)I will be there for others
5)I will say no when I have to
6)I will not allow myself to be a doormat, instead, I will stand up for myself and not let people frighten me so much
7)I will admit when I've done wrong
8)I will not let people talk over or for me anymore
9) I can, and will be better
10)I will make an attempt not to be naive or fearful
11)I will communicate better, so that my needs can be met
12)I will be an advocate for myself
13)I will be kind to all, and trust only a select few.
14)I will look for the beauty in the world, there's more of it than ugliness. If you look for the bad in mankind, you are sure to find it. If you look for the good in mankind, then, that, you are sure to find. But I still will be surprised and saddened by those who let themselves grow dark some time ago. This, I cannot change, and I have to accept it.

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