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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For Lovers, For Dreamers, and Me... the 2011 Music List

Music is a huge part of life, and we all adore a good countdown, don't we? So, in no particular order:

I can never help feeling a bit nostalgic, and these two in particular have me smiling even on a bad day:

The Counting Crows-Mr. Jones
I have had and heard many versions, I still like the acoustic version from On A Wire best, in which the VH1 Story Tellers series (funny, I see nothing from that now, it did offer me a new appreciation for a lot of bands & songs) recorded the performance from the Hammerstein Ballroom onto discs.
(The one time when I wasn't annoyed by talking before and after songs.)

 And of course, the anthem of dreamers everywhere, complete with ukulele. Purists may say that Judy Garland does Somewhere Over the Rainbow best, but there's something pure in itself in this big man with a sweet voice. And so hopeful.

 Childhood classics: I grew up with a lover of the 60's classics. Puff the Magic Dragon was a huge part of my life- indeed, I even had a little orange dragon named Puff to dream along with.   Of course, it's not complete without Sonny & Cher. Sound might be a bit off, this is obviously NOT remastered. And last year, I heard a lot about the most depressing Christmas song. Not to be confused with the Little Drummer Boy. The only version of that that does not fill my heart with a hot, crimson rage is that done by David Bowie and Bing Crosby, made sad by the hopeful voices and Bing's death not long after the recording. The contenders are: HaveYourself a Merry Little Christmas, sung in "Meet Me in St. Louis", by Judy Garland to the lovely little dear who held funerals for her dolls: No offense, Judy, but it's hard to have a merry little anything if you're "muddling through"! And of course, the perennial classic, brought to you by the Pogues, and the only Christmas song I know of that uses "Merry Christmas, you arse, I pray to God it's our last", "Bum, maggot, cheap lousy faggot and 'slut on the junk'."

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