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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

May Be Deleted ASAP

This may or may not make sense, and if so, it gets deleted the second I feel better.

It's been a year (really?) since Grandma went, and while things began catching up to me in late March early April, they're really catching me now. At this moment, I realize that constant "I'm OK's" and stubborness led to a whopper of a migraine complete with nausea... which means, I get up and eat soup and then crawl back into bed. Which has the ability at this point of making me feel like I'm on a damned ship going nowhere fast. Any big decisions are postponed indefinitely. I've hated telling people "No, I really don't want to be around noise and chaos"-- that's true, the bigger truth is---smells, motion and light (at this point, the only light on is a dimmed laptop screen) are messing with me. Something came through not long ago, reminded me of a shriek and made me bury my head under a pillow.

I will not be handling drama. I will quickly say hellos to those I care for, and the few I actually speak to, and then, back to bed with I and the cranium. After I finish my soup. It's a bit slow going. And yes, I will behave and speak to my doctor.


  1. I've been there, girl. It absolutely sucks when your mind and body finally gives way from life, stress and everybody's bitchassness. At least you have the head on your shoulders to go to the doctor and to take care of yourself, instead of having it up your ass and toughing it out like I'm prone to do.

    Damn it, all that talk about soup's got me hungry now. Thanks a lot!

    Seriously though, I hope you get to feeling better!

  2. I'm sorry you are under the weather.  I hope you feel well soon.  

  3. Thanks :) Going to retry that sleep thingy... I'm spending the better part of my recovery dozing!

  4. Thanks Darlene. I think I'll feel better once the food hits and the demons quit with the pneumatic drills! :) I have shopping to do, I'm out of soup! :)