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Monday, August 1, 2011

Howling At The Moon

Having a mixed bag of sensitivities, allergies, and medical conditions, I'm generally not surprised to find I've had a reaction again.

Saddened though--- a very special gift was sterling silver--- I now unfortunately look like I had a really rollicking good time without the pleasure of actually having had the uh "Super Happy Fun Time".
I'm considering having the silver necklace dipped in rhodium or something... I still have to have a 60 year old string of pearls from Grandma polished up and restrung (The cord it was on is rotting.) so might as well do a double-deal.

If you've had metal sensitivities, what do you use to avoid them? I've had some success (SOME) with earrings for people with sensitivities and have a titanium CBR in my upper ear, which has never bothered me. Even when I've had to put a bandage over it for MRIs and scans. Does a rhodium dip help, or should I try to find a chain in a less nasty metal that is the same color? And in the meantime, I'm really using a lot of neosporin to heal up!

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