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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lucky Thirteen-May Joy Be Unconfined

Happy New Year! This year begins the third year of freedom for me, and I intend to mark it well! I began it with wishes and non-resolutions---to keep on fighting and working on improvements. Things I didn't want to drop and maybe pick back up for Lent, but things that are beginning to click that I'd like to see bloom. I hope to see that for everyone. May it bring with it, joy, and peace. If it needs to change, may it be changed, and may the effort be enjoyed and not endured. May I learn to be more assertive. May I learn to let what isn't in my control- my reactions are mine, others' aren't- go. May I not second-guess, but laugh. May there be joy, unconfined. May we all enjoy health and may we not make promises, all to put them down again by the third. May 13 be lucky for all. Let me remember that improvement is for my sake- but if it shows, it shows. That a bad day here and there isn't anything but that. May there be more happiness than any of us know what to do with. May there be new foods, better health, new horizons, travel, less stress, for family, friends and I. Be blessed, be joyful.

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