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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Serenades From Mr. Ed

It's never a good idea to watch or read the news before bed. (Yes, that was very obvious, and I deserve a face for that... because I just made a slightly more animated version of the one above.)
But I like to get my news from varying sources, and like it the weirder the better. (Weird scientific news about jelly fish being used medically? I'll dig in and be happily clicking for hours to find pros and cons and disagreeing articles.)

I caught something on the breeze about budget hamburgers in Britain containing horse, said "ick", made a vow both to go see and ride horses in the spring, and not to buy budget burgers, and promptly fell into what is, of late fitful slumber- it's getting better, but it'll be time before I'm back to normal and can quash disturbing dreams and night terrors- and woke up wondering "What the hell?!" after having what isn't a nightmare, but surely is strange... I was walking in a meadow and came across a horse, nothing big. It started talking. (Yeah, I think that's shaking off the Topomax messing with my dreams.), thanking me for saving it. I tripped fell over a low wall, where the devil did that come from?! and in a sweet bass voice, it began to sing the theme from The Greatest American Hero to me. (I missed it the first time 'round, but have caught most of it on Hulu.) Great. Mr. Ed is calling me clumsy! After a "HUH?!" I couldn't help a giggle. Since someone has actually sung that to me, I couldn't help laughing even harder. Yes. I'm crashing into walls right now. But I think I'm OK.

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