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Thursday, January 10, 2013

She Shoots, She Scores?

In marvelous news:

I got an article published on epilepsy and meditation. This is mildly amusing to me considering the stress lately. It will be in Epiphanies Magazine, via the Epilepsy Literary Heritage Foundation. *Beams*.

A few "Hurry Up and Wait" business calls... oh, for joy! Guess whose hurrying, and guess who is stuck cooling their heels while the other takes their leisure? "Why yes, Miss Beth, we'll get back to you... um... shortly."

Working on stress, etc. Gave myself quite a load. Bad, bad. This is being rectified immediately. If there is an issue, I'd prefer it be taken care of shortly and moved past. Kind of feeling an urge to give myself a V-8 smack for the last round of it.

Lately, and I'm thinking it's 7 hours of handwriting and wastebasket basketball---she shoots, she scores! The crowd goes wild!- Excuse me, but a perfect game comes but once for me!-then another good 7 going through Microsoft Word and being even more persnickety than even the red and green lines (not as many as I feared, although some words I've had to use get caught every time by spell checks.) were affected me.

 I am deeply sick and embarrassed and do hope to rectify one situation in particular if I can. For this, I suppose, I must simply pray and for now, do what is right...and not screw up like that again. The first is a mistake, the second is being a horse's ass.

Next week, vitamin shots, as I am repeatedly reminded, as I did not dread next Wednesday enough.

The phone that was not working has finally been rectified and I'll be taking care of that.

All in all a success... and I am-almost floaty. Twenty-four hour flu nearly gone. Bless you gent, coughing on me at grocery store. Don't do that again.

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