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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Things That Make You Go "Huh?" in the Night

Sometimes, my dreams can get particularly odd. I've had my night terrors...some being mercifully short as they're replays of events I remember in a fog...with a vignette or black mist around everything. And lately, it seems as though some of those got scrubbed.

There's the funny ones... during moments where my medications need a tweak, watching classic television might not be good for me. I actually thought at one point that Major Nelson and Darren Stephens were having an affair, and did not want to be there when Endora showed up! (Cue Jerry Springer "oooh!") This was basically my mind stitching things together while trying to deal. Bad Brain. You have a more messed up sense of humor than I do, and that's pretty tough!

Then there were replays of that dark night in '03. I think part of me wanted to sort out how I went backwards, to have my head slam on concrete...  to clarify events that exist in a fog. I'm guessing 200 pounds of boy using force on a 100 pound girl means that the body's natural habit to fall foreward... because I know that Hollywood swooning is wrong and one faints forward, usually... was counteracted. I do tend to use logic on the illogical. I think too much, and can wake myself up thinking. So tried to apply logic to this, when none really exists.
But... something new happened. There was my father, gone in 1995, standing there, on that cold street, a rainy night in the summer, I remember it being about 60 degrees, I remember needing a sweater. He's hale and hearty, all goofy smiles and 220 pounds... and wearing... by golly... it's a cassock. "Hey, kiddo," he says, booming, bass voice. "Time to wake up. It gets weirder. You don't need to see this." Great. My brain is working overtime, and has my father playing my Clarence?

Now if I could go back to dreaming of sailing, or puppy dogs, that'd be most lovely. And um, thanks for the angel. I guess snapping awake and saying "Huh" is better than the alternative.

Courtesy of Bored Panda, 15 Interesting Facts About Dreams

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