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Saturday, January 26, 2013

God is in His Heaven,and All is Right With the World

glitter-graphics.com A list of the joyful:

No more "Stinkin' thinkin'."

What's been keeping me cheered up of late?

Well, among other things, I got published and featured, and while the magazine, Epiphanies, comes out later, my feature is up and I've been added on as a permanent contributor to a great international effort. :)
I am working on following my own advice- as much as I love and want to help people, I help no one if I hurt me doing so. Period. (This advice gets bandied from person to person, and it's almost a joke in how we say it, but not how we mean it.)
My feature can be found at Epilepsy Literary Heritage Foundation- Essays and More. The site has changed and grown, and is beautifully glossy. I can almost smell the leather of the books (And am in my heaven.)... the web designer is a volunteer and marvelous at their duties.

 I am currently using meditation to relax and sleep, and so far, it, and melatonin, are working faster now, minus the Topomax clogging up the body. SCORE! I am excited about this and hope to toast it. Along with this, I also found a new book to pique my interest, As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning, by Laurie Lee. I purposefully chose a paper version, meaning I have to wait, but it's a good wait!
Trying to remember to take my own advice.

Family is tough. Always will be. But I have to learn that I have a varied personality from the rest for a reason, that being fed guilt for things I can't help is wrong, and that I can love and still stand up for me.
As for patiently teaching and re-teaching, yes, I think I may need help here. This is one walk I know I can't go alone.

Indulged my girly side...
Somedays, when sad, it's helpful to do this--- all but the "Butterscotch ripple ice cream".
I went in looking for entirely inappropriate-for this weather-dress shoes (possible boredom with two or more pairs of socks and fleece lined Bearpaws.) and found this cutie on Mod Cloth for $18. The Louisa Bag-
Not only is it printed using original artwork from Little Women by the artist Louis Jambor, but proceeds go to buy a book for community education programs.

And finally... I can't help but smile and squeal with delight when I see this: Gawker Dot Com- Shetland Ponies in Sweaters. Go. Click. PONIES. Cute Ponies in SWEATERS! They're so fluffy! I think I'm gonna die! Squee!
Ahem. I did make one photo my computer wallpaper for a reason...these little guys are stinkin' cute, and oh my God... I'm going to Scotland and getting a Shetland pony who I will dress in sweaters... (SQUEE!)
Scotland's page featuring this ad campaign has crashed, killed by cuteness.
I agree with Gawker's closing line: "As for Fivla and Vitamin and their custom-made Shetland wool jumpers, they can be found at the Thordale Shetland Stud Centre and in our hearts."

And I leave you with- I got you, babe.

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