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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Once More: What Is This World Coming To?

There are a few things that will get me steaming mad, ask no questions. One of them is treating the disabled of any variety as if they are less than human. And for God's sake, infantalizing them when they're actually rather high functioning.

I'm looking at you, Mrs. Cohen from eighth grade. You, who told me I must bow my head before my betters. You who injured me physically. I do not hold grief over your subsequent firing, I do however have a bit of sadness when I recall that one of your sons is disabled.)

A child is a child is a child. They are children, with needs for love, respect and discipline (in the original sense... teaching, not punishment) first, foremost, and above all. 

A mother took it upon herself to bug her disabled child. And was alarmed at what she must have suspected, being broadcast back to her.

It wasn't a child affected by disability acting up. It was her teachers, those who should have tried to teach her within the best of their ability, to protect her. I read it, I clicked for extra information. The Stir and News of the Weird's Chuck Shepherd are both posting links, and I admit, I have a certain morbid fascination with seeing how this pans out.

1)Mother plants listening device on child
2)Overhears such lovely and demeaning conversations regarding her "fat, lazy child"
3)Overhears mockery of child (By an aide and a teacher, not other students) including "There's no wonder you have no friends" and "I don't need your test to fail you. You failed."

And because I'm currently incapable of looking at this objectively, links!
A few months ago, I think I had a mild conniption when a teenager with disabilities was told that her rape was her fault because SHE had not protected herself from a bullying student...by SCHOOL OFFICIALS.
Screw the public school system... I'd homeschool and live in a freakin' commune if I have to.
Parents: Protect your children. Let that Mama Lion Syndrome run free! And if you cannot, ensure that those the state pays for your child's education and safety actually do their jobs. Don't worry about being a pain in the ass for a school.
The Stir's Take
From the AP

And now, I need a walk.


  1. This story was featured on TV.  I was equally sickened.  What happened to common decency?  I do not understand one adult, much less two, treating a child in this manner.  It's just not right. I say three cheers for the Mom and boyfriend for sending their child to school with a wire to make a record of the truth!

  2. I have to agree with you. I'm watching this one with a sort of morbid fascination.