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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"I Don't Give a Flying Fig" Takes On New Meaning

look at this and try not to do a Beavis and Butthead laugh, I dare you!
Today, this masochist found herself grocery shopping-- and stumbled upon a large, purplish-green leafed plant. Being ever curious, and ever prone to accidents in the language department, I held up this plant, with it's three large testicle shaped growths (fruits) and asked, intending on finding out the species, "Hey, what do these look like?" I wanted a species classification, not a smirk and "You're so adorable, sweetie"! Next time, I should be blunt "Yes, I do know it looks like three overgrown testicles. What is it?" Upon terrifying myself with a google search, I realize I was holding up figs.

It was an interesting day... although I also did the mundane like buying towels, sheets and deodorant and getting the curls tamed (NOT! I snipped an inch off to try to get rid of old growth without losing length. I now am rocking the Shirley Temple look.)

For now, to rest... shopping two days before Thansgiving, ach du lieber! What was I thinking?!
I have a new crockpot to break in, which is great.. because I have a recipe to test, and my turkey breasts are at least a D cup. The little one wouldn't have been able to hack it.

And, since I took a solitary run down the detergent aisle, I should probably try to unstuff my nose (since I had a nose bleed the other day, this isn't easy) and get some rest.

And, since the fruit of a fig is shaped like a testicle, I do look at the story of Jesus cursing a fig tree quite differently now.
1 inch cut from layers---and the curls run amok. Amok! Amok!

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